HOW VIABLE IS YOUR PROJECT - So you want to own an executive suite. What do you do first? You ask the right questions!! Here we have prepared just for you a quick checklist of critical elements that you can complete and send to us for a complimentary evaluation. (confidentiality assured)
AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE VALUE OF EFFICIENT SPACE PLANNING. Did you wonder why your revenues are not equal to the projections?
   Mission Statement   

The Changing Rules of Office Business Center Planning

Original office business center planning rules were based upon the amount of offices a center contained relative to the total amount of space in the center.




Leawood Business Center


Leawood, Kansas

Star Point Business Center


Ft. Washington,  Pennsylvania


“I wouldn’t recommend wasting time by attempting initial suite evaluations without expert advice. Mr. Fox can look at a vacant site or an existing space to re-hab and get you started in the right direction. Executive suite design is a specialized niche and Norman Fox won’t waste your time or money. He’ll deliver a creative evaluation to the project so you’ll be on track before your plans and budget get off the ground.


“Finally, a genuine expert who understands the economics of real-world executive suite development.”

“We found that it takes something more than an experienced commercial architect to design a successful executive suite operation. Mr. Fox took our architect’s ‘final’ interior layout and expanded useful suite space by 25%!”

“I can’t over-emphasize the importance of finding an experienced executive suite designer. Norman Fox’s insightful design talents directly contributed to our successful bottom-line operation. We were looking for efficiency, economy, and innovation. Mr. Fox delivered on all of these and wrapped it in a very tony package!”


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